Revolting Tactics Expose The Largest Temper Tantrum (Recall) in Teacher Union History

The Jeffco reform agenda includes increasing school choice for parents and students, eliminating tenure for underperforming teachers, and ending a collective compensation system that ignores individual performance by instead basing pay on seniority. The union opposes the board on all of these things. The complaints by recall activists range from exaggerated to outright lies, including that on the ballot language.

Some of the board's critics may be well-intentioned but naive. They can't make the distinction between the nice young teacher next door and the ruthless, self-serving force that's her union. The drivers of the recall movement never gave this board a chance. Their opposition began before the board was even seated. Many are simply sore losers who voted for the union-backed candidates in 2013, like Moving Mountains Colorado, which describes itself as "Democrats, progressive and progressive-minded independents." The group joined Organizing for America to elect Obama in 2008. And this isn't about politics?

The board's reform-majority won election by wide margins in 2013, in spite of being greatly outspent by candidates endorsed and union-funded. Julie Williams won 61 percent to 39 percent; Ken Witt, 58 percent to 42 percent; and John Newkirk, 54 percent to 46 percent. That's when all Jeffco voters, including the unorganized silent majority, spoke at the polls. They shouldn't let a cynical recall election steal their victory.

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