JeffCo Board Minority Had No Problems With Teacher's Vulgar Indoctrination Video

Nothing but silence from the Board minority, JeffCO PTA and JeffCo Teacher Union.over outrageous incidents of radical left-wing indoctrination. Former Superintendent Dr. Cindy Stevenson allowed this teacher to remain in class where he still teaches government to 8th graders. Administration did not even notify parents. 

Colorado’s 9News reported last week on the tweets of a Cherry Creek School teacher that contained half-naked photos and a claim of possessing marijuana on school grounds.  I was instantly reminded of another teacher and a video he created and posted on his student-only Facebook page.  I stumbled across it a while back online and it never escaped me.

This video has been deleted from his YouTube channel;  however, a copy was downloaded upon discovery and has since been renamed and mirrored.  WARNING: the video below is extremely vulgar.

see video here

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